About Us

About Us

Art Holland is the foundation behind the Cut Rite Construction. With over 20 years of experience before founding this family-owned company, Art Holland is already an expert in the construction industry and had already proven himself in the 10 years he spent building quality custom homes in Sierra Vista area. He and his wife, Lynette Holland believes that success lies in dealing directly with each client to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. This is the trademark they have brought when they have decided to create now Cut Rite Construction.

In Cut Rite Construction, you can set us apart from other companies locally as by recognizing that we are family owned and we have our roots here in Sierra Vista. By that alone, we are already familiar with the culture the neighborhood wants to achieve for their homes. We are also innovative and kept up-to-date with trainings that give us advanced knowledge when it comes to new designs and techniques to apply to further our craft.

Cut Rite Construction also only uses the most advanced tools. As such, you are sure that everything is kept in order and on the best condition for your homes.

We offer home constructions and designs, renovations, home upgrade at very competitive prices and more. We are masters of intricate designing and integrating modern technologies in your homes. We never discount any ideas our customers have, instead, we do our best to achieve it the way they want it in a manner that would bring a wow factor to your home.

Our vision and mission statement is to be the country’s best construction company, empowering our clients to perfect their dream houses and reach their full potential. By giving a superb customer service that brings smiles to our customers, we believe that our dedication has been fruitful so far and will continue to be as we pushes to bring forth the best of our abilities.

We are dedicated in upholding the company’s core values:

  • Preservation the traditions of genuine craftsmanship and intricate designing important to every home
  • Holding ourselves and our contractors responsible for the quality of our products and services
  • Assist our clients in the best way to build their dreams without compromising quality and discounting their opinions
  • Being our customers’ assistants in making their dreams a reality

By upholding thee core values, we have gained the trust of our hundreds and thousands of clients who continue to believe in us in helping them build lives.

Todate, we have only succeeded in our mission in bringing quality homes to our clients and leaving them only with a smile.